Why Scholastic Advisors was Started

Recent high school graduate of the class of 2023, my son Connor was accepted into 20 colleges, both state and private universities. We reviewed schools and offers, toured some colleges for best fit and came up with our top three choices. We are sharing our story because we want to help families and future college attendees get the best deal possible. 

Leveraging skills acquired in financial services, we were successful in receiving the additional scholarships. We can do the same thing for you! The average scholarship award was $80,000 over four years for our son. We were successful in receiving an additional $48,000 more in scholarship awards for a grand total of $128,000. This was real money, not loans. As a result, my son will attend a private university for similar cost to that of a state college. 


Scholastic Advisors has Negotiated over $100,000 in additional Savings!